Well up until 3 weeks ago everything was fine when using IE to surf the net ,until bam one day it decided to make surfing a living hell. Everytime i try to directly enter a site address in the address bar it redirects me to some porn site, at first it was tolerable because after i would enter the site 4 times or more it would finally let me thru to the site i was trying to access, well a couple of days ago the porn sites stop loading and now it just gives a me a non existant site error and will not load a site when i enter the address, the only way i'm able to access a site is to find it by searching on yahoo (which is set as my homepage and accually works) or by selecting an already visited site under favorites. I suspect this whole mess maybe due to some asshole plugin or virus, even though ive scanned multiple times with different software and no trojans, spyware or other shit is found. If anyone can help with this i'd greatly appreciate it.

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this happened to me too. plus i was also getting a program called live girls that would install itself randomly. the solution: get one of those spyware programs (it will search for the files that are causing this and then you can choose to delete them or not). its free, i use spybot SD (search and destroy), type that into your browser and you should be able to find the program and decide if you want it. good luck.


Since you seem to have to type http:// before the address to access a site, here's a lazy way of doing it (as long as the address ends in .com) that will auto fill in http://www..com. Ex. type yahoo, then hold down the control key and press enter.

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