hello, i recently reinstalled xp home edition on my C drive and found out that i couldn't acess my second hardrive (D) with all my documents and stuff on there which all adds up to about 11gigs the total size of the drive is 12gigs, my other drive with xp installed on it works fine, whenever i try to acess my D drive windows tells me 'the disk in drive D is not formatted would you like to format now' and i don't really want to format it since have alot of important files on there plus the drive filetype is something like RAW, so can anyone help me.


whats your email address?

go into logical drive management (right click on my computer and choose manage)

update on situation?

i ran the prog you sent me and the type that drive 2 was was 'OC' i changed it to 07 and saved changes but didn't work still says drive is not formatted etc,
also bennet whats your adivice after going to logical drive manegment.

does the unformatted drive happen to have a drive letter assigned to it?

if it does:

go to start - run - CMD

type in chkdsk D: /R

press Y and enter if asked.

(substitute D: for whichever drive letter the drive is)

oh, and change the drive type back to 0C. i just assumed it was formatted NTFS.

ok chkdsk said the type of file system is RAW chkdsk is not available for for RAW drives.
i've found a programme which shows me what files i have on my d drive and i can preveiw them and has the option to recover files to another HD but unfortunately i have the demo version and i wotn let me recover anything the programme is called: stealla phoenix windows data recovery and i don't really wish to pay for it

another email sent... should work for you

ok, i think problem solved i'm recovery all files on D to another HD atm so once thats done i presume all i need to do is format D, thanks for all your help and programmes uriel, you've helped me a great deal

Hi Uriel,

I have the same problem moospy was having can you provide me with the same tool or solution. (email sent as PM)

10x in advance