Well, it's sorta involving video. You see I have determined it takes a few hours but when this occurs, the screen goes black and shows as if there is 'no signal' and then to turn it back on you would thing it is just sleeping, so hitting a mouse button, keyboard button or moving the mouse should work.. right? Well, it didn't. Pushing the power button is the next option, right? Nope, didn't work either. I have to restart the computer and then it'll work.

Now this only happens when it is idle for a few hours.. I have never had the problem where it would do that while I'm working on something.

The computer's fans are still running and when I hit caps lock and scroll lock and number lock on the keyboard they work according to the lights.

I own a Vista Ultimate 64 Bit machine..
AMD Athlon 5400,
ASUS M2r32 motherboard,
ATI Radeon HD2900 XT Vid Card,
2 Maxter 320 GB Hard Drives,
LITE ON DVD R/RW (with lightscribe)

Any help will be appreciated!

Okay I have determined it is only video-related....

I left iTunes on last night, got up this morning and the computer was like that again. I hit the spacebar key and music starts playing. So the computer is still on and awake.

I tried unplugging my monitor and plugging it first into the same hole and then into the second DVI port on the Radeon HD2900XT.

Now does anyone knolw?