I am running Win XP SP2 on a Pentium 3.0 with 512MB RAM.

My PC was infected with virus as my anti virus license had expired and I did not renew it in time. I am using Avast Home Edition. I have renewed the license and scanned the entire hard disk. The whole thing with crawling with viruses. I think I have fixed pretty much everything, but the context menu for the hard drive partitions in windows explorer seems to have gone awry. Instead of "Open" or "Explore" some how the default action has become "AutoPlay" and when I click on a drive to open/explore it a error message is thrown up saying "Windows cannot find copy.exe. Make sure you typed the name correctly.....". It seems the registry has been changed and I cannot seem to undo the change.

Has anyone faced a similar problem? I would be obliged if someone could help me out.


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The Viruses you had has done there damage.Sorry to say but copy anything you want to keep go to the Hard drive manufactures site and get there util to do a Zero write and reinstall OS.


If he does a restore it will put the virus back.when you do get a virus always disable restore till you get it out.

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