I m trying to install Datamax Allegro2 barcode printer. when i choose to finish the installation i got the error "Unable to install printer........ I already change the "Services" of printer "Automatic" but it does not work, I have also change the unsinged driver installation behaviour to be "silently succeed" but its giving me the same error, I dont understand the what the problem is? can any body give me some suggestion

How are you connecting it usb,serial, or parallel?

Also what Operating system you using?

sorry this has nothing to do with your answer to the this is the only way i could maybe get an answer to my ?. i have asked it 4 times and yet no one has had an answer for me all these high tech brilliant people,yet to a simple ? i cannot get a solution to.
everything is runnning and working fine on printer except that it prints test pages and nothing else i have tried absolutely everything that every site has said to try and it still does work when i print a document paper comes out clean , new carts are in working order not transparent tape on it , have cleaned it have done everything to no avail. PLEASE HELP ME been trying to fix this for 4 days now