I borrowed a friends office xp cd to load it on my computer. I need to reformat my hard drive to get rid of a partition but dont want to lose office xp. How can I back this up. I have everything else I need saved or backed up on an external hard drive. trying to get rid of this extra partition:

You need the office xp cd. If you are just talking about office files, you can just save those files to usb or cd.

The actual office program you need a cd.

Im trying to save the whole program. all my files are already backed up.
I dont have access to the cd I used.

you cant because things are stored al over the place where they cant be backed up easialy (registry for example)

borrowing a friends office cd constitutes illegal software piracy btw

Assuming that it is the first, 39MB partition that you wish to lose, why not use a partition manager to merge it with C:? Windows may complain when you disturb its immediate environment [it knows where it lives and its immediate neighbours], but that is easily fixed by trashing a key - it will build a new one. As an example only, Paragon Partition Manager would do it for you.