Hi this is the first time im posting on this website i dont even know if this is the right place to post, but anyway

Lately a wire for my D: drive came lose so i put it back in.

I tried to burn a disc and it didn't work. i have burnt many disks before using my pc and this is the first time it hasnt worked.
somebody please help

I take it that D: is your burner, right? Did you turn the computer off when you reconnected that loose wire? If you didn't then there is a very good chance that you shorted the drive and now will need to replace it.
Ok, let's say that the puter was turned off when you replaced that wire, now we need a bit more information from you. Is this an IDE or SATA burner? Here's how you can tell the two apart. An IDE will have a wide ribbon cable with a 40 pin plug on both ends, whereas a SATA will have a red cable to it. The SATA cable is real easy to knot loose because there is no locking system built into the plugs.
Now let's check and see if the puter sees the drive. If the puter sees it then you may want to reload your burn program and check it out. Let us know what happens.

thanks i reloaded my burn program and i can burn again