lately whenever i use internet explorer i continue to get a pop up box telling me of an error and then there is a send error report or dont send button to click and when you click one of the two all of the internet boxes close. i ran a virus, adware, and spyware check and nothing. can anyone help me out? thanks


Hi Billy,

You must have some corrupted system files, which are generating that error message and causing your browser to 'crash'. Internet explorer share a lot of core system files for its operation. The quickest and easiest way to correct the problem would be to reinstall Internet explorer.

Moved to Internet Explorer forum section. to do that do i have to uninstall it first? or can i just go to the website and click download

You'll find the download here.

An alternative (and probably quicker) method would be to obtain a computer magazine cover CD which has Internet Explorer Service Pack 1 included on it, and install it from that. You can install 'over the top' of your existing installation.

well i did what you said...everything was going fine, but then it happened again :/

anyone know whats wrong? now it only happens when a voice or video file is opened in IE. i close the window then i get the error message