My mouse just randomly stopped working under Vista (Home Premium). It works on the login screen but not anywhere else. It's stuck in the middle of the screen.

I had to tab my way to this posting screen to type this.

By the way, it's my Synaptics built in touchpad mouse.

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mine has done the same what did you do to fix it?

have you tried an external usb mouse?
some times the touchpad is turne off by other software and think in the control paneml it may be possible to change its properties and bring it back to life.

I have Windows 7, last night my mouse was working fine, this morning i open the laptop and the touch mouse is not working at all, niether are the keys. I plugged in a reg mouse to my USB and it works fine. Have enabled the mouse functions in the control panel and its still not working. Is there another place the settings could be? Or a hot key to do it?

i have had the same problem previoulsy, in the bottom right corner of the taskbar there should be a synaptics logo. Try right clicking on this and see if theres an option for turning on. Also the problem could be a software problem or even a button on the keyboard which turns it on and off

Go to Device Manager and find your mouse. Right click on it to get properties. In properties, click on the "Power Management" tab. In that tab, make sure that the box is UNchecked for "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". That should do it.

In view of the dates of the above it perhaps is past its sell by date.

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