wasn't sure what this would fall under...

problems viewing some webpages

Built PC [BPC1] & PC1 & PC2 & laptop [LP1]
OS: XPHome SP2
etrust internet security suite 2006
browser: CrazyBrowser [ crazybrowser.com ]
BPC1 uses Ethernet Cable to the router
PC1 & PC2 is wirelessly connected to same router.
laptop is not on same network.

no settings have been changed, happening for about 3-4 days now and it's really starting to bug me.

Some webpages are fine while others load really slow and when loaded, page view is really messed up. text properties are wrong, images don't show up & everything is in the wrong places. menu navigation is all over the place. it happenned before i started building BPC1.

some of the web pages that have problems. includes sub-pages also.

These pages also have problems on PC1 & PC2.
all same security program
all same browser

sorry i forgot to mention that
crazybrowser is just the main one that i use. but i have tried it on IE, firefox & slimbrowser. same results.

It does sound as if some of the pgms in your OS which handle web browsing have become corrupted. Now I am not sure, but I would imagine that browsers other than IE use some of the OS's dlls to run various processes, such as handling html etc..., so as a first step I would try this: http://windowsxp.mvps.org/IEFIX.htm
If that does not do the job go Start, run, and
sfc /scannow
-for both fixes you will need your installation disc. Or you could try them in reverse order....

thanks for the reply... i'm doing that right now.

here's an update

while trying to figure things out yesterday, i ran into somewhat another problem, more so annoyance.
my middle mouse button stopped working as in to open pages in another window/tab. all browsers kept closing or would freeze.

i changed my firewall to the windows firewall. and i thought it worked, but then it went to exploded web pages again after about a minute or so.
so i reverted back to using etrust.
well i talked to my husband [cuz he is out of country at the moment] and he has the laptop with him and says that his is working fine.
so i asked my husband what his etrust setting are and all the browsers which took a long time to do. but they are exactly the same.
so what does it come down to?
newegg & cnet would work once in a while, but then go back to problematic viewing, but gamespot is continually having problems showing up.
any thoughts?

Apart from the mouse problem, which could be a driver failure, could be just that mouse.... because all your pc's are affected. Are all the pc's on the router? Then that is the only? common. I would check its software if it has a firewall. You may need to reload it. Say how you go.