Hi Guys,

I've got a windows server 2003 on my domain that has a fax modem connect to it. It runs the fax console and any faxes coming in on that number get emailed to member of staff who sorts through it, which is working perfectly. We also have a fax set up as a printer so employees can send a fax from there computers, simply by clicking on file > print > selecting the shared fax and clicking print. This brings up the fax wizard okay, you go through all the screens and enter in all the correct details and then click finish. However, you have a look on the fax server and it stays in the outbox with the status as 'no answer'.

I've looked through all the settings etc. and read on numerous sites and cannot seem to find something related to my situation. This setup was working perfectly until we moved domains. If anyone has had this problem i would really love a hand or even just a point in the right direction.

Many Thanks,

I have just had the very same problem... Most of today, I have been trying different settings for the modem and the fax software, to no avail... Then I looked on the Microsoft Updates website, and clicked on the link for 'Optional Updates'... There was an optional update for my modem, which, once downloaded and installed, fixed the problem. The modem I have is an Intel 536EP. I don't know if Microsoft's Updates website is user-specific, but it is certainly worth a try...

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