I installed IIS 5.1 on a Windows XP machine with no problems. I got all the updates as of 7/31/07 5pm.

I setup a virtual directory pointing to a directory in wwwroot

I checked all the boxes (script access,read, write, scrpts, directory browsing, indexing etc) and I selected Execute Permissions Scripts & Executables.

When I view a HTML page all is well, when I click on default.htm which loads a Main000.asp page I get a blank screen and no error messages. I look in the log files and I see code 200 on everything as if it is okay.

When I view the file in FrontPage Design I can see the pages but I am not sure if FrontPage is using IIS or not.

How do I get my ASP pages to show up. Right now my ASP page only has HTML text just to see if it works. HELP.

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Okay, I create a ASP file with a couple of response.write statements and that works os IIS is fine. I have other .ASP files with only HTML code and I get blank screens. Can anyone help me as to why this is not working? IT worked under W2000 IIS but not here. If I change these files to .HTM then the pages work fine but when I link to other files .ASP I get blank screens. In FrontPage this works fine but I do not know if FP is executing the pages or if it is using IIS.

HELP, I need to get this working ASAP so I can study.


Okay, I changed all my beginning pages to HTML to see if it had anything to do with ASP extenstions and it did not. The HTML do not display and I do not get a message on the screen just a blank page. I checked the logs and I get:

#Fields: time c-ip cs-method cs-uri-stem sc-status
14:11:29 GET /cmps350/default.htm 200
14:11:29 GET /cmps350/Main000.htm 200
14:11:29 GET /cmps350/standard.css 200

SO this appears to be okay but not working. Any suggestions?

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