Hi folks,

I have been having a bit of bother with my system lately and hope someone can help...

I have a (HP) Compaq c300EA laptop, I recently needed to reset the system to factory standards, did this by pressing the F11 key during start-up using the recovery manager.
It worked but...as I understand it when you restore the system to factory settings everything on the HD is to be formatted - this did not happen.
I am not overly upset about this fact as I would not mind keeping some of the data that supposedly got wiped. I have a 80GB HD and after restoring it still shows as being full up (approx 5 GB free). This makes sense to me as that was the size of my HD before I reset the system. When I try to access programs or files now I get a message saying that the application is not installed for the current user. Can anyone help me out here?? Where is the data stored, how do I restore it so that I can use my old programs again without re-installing?

Thanks in advance...

try the the f11 again but this time choose advance settings. somewhere there it gives you the choose to do a complete restore with formatting it will ask if ur sure you want to proceed. thats when you know ur in the right direction.