I am getting a memory dump error while trying to load in XP pro. I have a K7AMA (Elitegroup motherboard, 1.3mhz with 512M Ram (which I just replaced, thinking it was bad). I ran the RAM checker and it checked out fine. This computer was working fine and then I started getting memory dumps, so I Formatted and started from scratch, but, after copying DOS files and reboot while doing the XP install, I get the memory dump and now just got "a thread tried to release a resource it did not own",
stop= 0x000000E3(0x8526D368, 0x853C8DA8, 0x00000000, 0x00000002)
I also get a irql_not_less_or_equal error alternately.
I have a Maxtor 40G Hard drive, which I replaced with a smaller HD just to see if it fixed the problem...no.
No overclocking.
512MB DDR_226 (PC2100) RAM

PLEASE, please help. There was no "smoking gun" before the computer bombed out...nothing unusual, it just did a memory dump and hasn't been running since.
Oh, I have 3 fans running, so I don't think it's an overheating problem. When I check the CPU temp in the BIOS it says betweem 150 F and 160F.


Is it Blue screening during when you see the error message?
What were you running when this happened?

Is it Blue screening during when you see the error message?
What were you running when this happened?

Yes, it is a blue screen, and I was doing a new install of XP on a newly formatted Hard Drive.
I just tried to install Windows 98, and that worked just fine, but when I tried to upgrade to Windows XP, I got the same error message at exactly the same spot.
It gives me the blue screen right after the first re-boot during an XP install. Oh, I am installing XP pro.

How old is this machine? , Because with 1.3MHz of Processor i don't think it is enough to run XP.
RAM amount is sufficent 512Mb is plenty to run XP, i think your processor is too small to cope with XP, that's why you get this message. Your system doesn't have the processing power to cope with XP, so it Blue Screens (BSOD) to protect itself.
My advice would be to get a brand new processor chip, at least 2GHz. Or if you have the money buy a brand new computer, and install XP over the top of Vista, which would nowadays come as standard.

while it may not be the best case scenario , it is big enough to run xp ,i have install winxp on p2 computers with,133 mhz processors ,made before win98,and they will install and run ,so this is not the problem here ,i would suggest you do a xp full install and not an upgrade of win98,as long as you have win98 disk to put in when asked during the winxp install this is possible.


Thank you both. I have had this machine running with XP since XP first came out with no problem. Believe it or not, I have an older 500Mhz computer that I run XP on with no problem at all. But I digress...
I have done a clean install of XP about 5 times now, formatting the HD each time. I even used another HD just to make sure it wasn't the HD. I still get the same message at the same point during the install "Windows is now checking your system..." right after the first reboot during setup.
I took out a network card, just to see if that was causing the problem, but I still can't get it going.


What size is your power supply? That may affect the install, because you have other things in the computer, gfx card etc, that sap up the power.
Try using the RAM you removed again, see if that wasn't the original problem. Also check that the new RAM you put in is the correct type for your motherboard.

Actually, the power supply is brand new, about 3 or 4 months old, and is more than adequate. I forget the exact wattage, but I do remember when I replaced it, it was more than the original that came with the computer. But that was a good suggestion.
I paid a bit more for the RAM because I had it matched specifically to the Motherboard, thinking the Kingston memory I had originally put in was the problem. Interestingly, the new memory will not work with the Kingston if they are both installed together. The computer won't even boot. It just gets to the part about "SIMMS slot 1,2, then just freezes.
I might take out the video card and put in a generic VGA card and see what happens. That and the Audio card are all that are left.

Confused Chris

What type of RAM is it?
Like PC3200 for example.
What type of RAM is supported by your motherboard, because they might have got it wrong.

The Ram is PC2100, which my motherboard supports both 2100 and 2800.
I originally had a Kingston 512 which said it was 2100/2800/3200 and it was working fine since March. The really strange thing I find is that it will load Windows 98 with no problem at all. Only when I load in XP do I have a problem.

After months of frustration, I am going to trash this computer. I'll take out the memory, cards and power supply, and take a hammer to the motherboard. At least that will make me feel good.


Don't use WinXP with service pack slipstreamed cd.

Thanks, but I've used this XP disk on many machines without incident. I've trashed this computer.