Hello, my name is Gregg. I enjoy troubleshooting computers cause it's like a treasure hunt. But sometimes I can use a map -- hopefully someone can be my map.

I fix computers here and there for friends, though I'm no expert. It's amazing how many more laptops I get to fix than desktops. Well, back to the matter at hand.

I got this Gateway Laptop (Model MA7) with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 ver 5.1 build 2600 SP2 from my girlfriend's grandfather and I can't quite get to the bottom of the issue. Basically, it freezes or just doesn't load windows completely. I don't have much on the Specs, but I know it has an Intel Centrino Duo processor and 1gb RAM.

I've tried the various opyions in the F8 menu, the most successful being Safe Mode with networking, only because I seemingly have the most time to look through as much as I can before it freezes again.

If you try to load windows normally, it sits on the windows logo forever (tried waiting 1.5 hours, it didn't change). Last known good configuration does the same thing.

Well, here's what I've gotten to, and I'm trying to think of where to check next. I can get it to boot into safe mode with networking, and I ctrl+alt+del quickly and run msconfig. Now I have as much time as I need, until I hit certain buttons. I've disabled all the startup programs, but if I hit okay or apply, it freezes. If I try to change the startup selection to Diagnostic, I can click the bubble but if I hit OK or Apply, it freezes. But only that window -- I can alt+tab to the task manager. If I go to the processes tab in the task manager at any time, task manager freezes.

If I go to event viewer from the tools tab in the msconfig window, I can launch it, but it freezes so far 60% of the time. When I got event viewer to come up, I could look through the stuff, but if I went to look at any of the errors, it once again froze.

It's getting rather frustrating considering the only Windows disks I have around here are 98, XPhome and XPPro. Can I use one of those two to repair MCE? Can I do it without losing information?

Are there any other things I can look through to maybe stop the freezing so I can look through other stuff?

I kind of want to consider this more of a "hang" since the loading bar under the windows logo never stops moving, but either way I cant' get much done : /

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Additionally, it started saying "Invalid Boot.ini; using C:\Windows\" between picking safe mode with networking and windows starting up.

I left the laptop by itself loading, and it seems that the windows task bar finally appeared at the bottom after like an hour, and it froze the computer. So, it has to be soemthing loading up with windows, which means a re-install is probably whats gonna happen? I wish there was another way...


Hi there DoubleG,

Well, first, you need to check the laptop for virus. Second, defragment the hd, third, fix the registry, and four try system restore.

If this steps doesnt help.

Try chkdsk /f or chkdsk /r in command prompt. It will try to find out whats wrong with the hd, if any and fix it.

If this doesnt help too. then do this:

Do a back up of all your files, programs, whatever you still want it into a cd/dvd. then, pop in your xp pro boot up disc into the drive and restart windows and boot from the cd. when you get to the set up page where windows ask you to choose which partion to install xp pro on. First, delete all the partion(s) both c: and D: Then create a new partition, usually its c: Use the "quick" NTFS option, because the other will take forever to complete.
Just follow the steps there on.

This should fix the problem. Redownload all the drivers from Gateway's website.

Good luck DBG. If u have any more questions, post it here again.


Well, I can't do most of that stuff because it freezes before I get the opportunity. We ended up just using the Gateway boot disk and re-installing windows.

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