if anyone can help info is appreciated, i bought a new computer for my kids that has windows vista . i also bought a belkin wireless g plus router so i can connect both of my computers. i've succeeded in install the router to the ( wired ) computer. the one i want as wireless has the windows vista. when i plug in the wireless adapter card the box comes in at the bottom saying " found new hardware" . but that's it . when i click on the box , it won't let me install saying it doesnt have the software?? but the install disk is in the drive??? i have no clue how to get this adapter to work ? is it the vista windows? an how do i get the software on the computer to enable a wireless connection? thanx for any comments

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Is this a Wireless USB Adapter you are talking about? What brand\model\version is it?

Did you run the software that is on the cd? usually go to start (or the cirlce in the bottom left) and in the search bar at the bottom type this in --> d:\setup

right a few simple steps to make it work.

1 go to start then type device manager. Accept all the warnings.

2. on the device tree go down to network adapters and click the plus sign to expand it. your looking for any ? or ! marks or x's. If there is then the driver isn't installed. Go to

3 If there isnt any of the above then you should see wireless network adaptor or something close to that.

4 Right click on the wireless adaptor and click properties. Click on the tab driver, you need to see who made it ie intel or microsoft. If its not the person who made your adapter then this could be causing the problem.

5. If a driver cd came with the adapter put it in, dont chose auto run if it comes up, it will prob install some rubbish software when you only really need the driver. If not go to 9.

6. Go back to the device manager and right click on the component then update driver software.

7. Then click browse for driver on your computer.

8. Select the cd drive where the disk is inserted then click next. It should install automatically. If it does go to 11.

9. You know need to find what the model number of the adapter is this should be either on the adapter itself or on the packaging.

10 Google the model number along with vista driver. You should find one if you dont pm me with the model number and i will look for you.

11 Once its installed go to start network then network and sharing center its a tab along the top.

12 Then click manage wireless network.

Might sound like loads but should take 5 mins pm me with any problems.

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