hey everybody,!,

i recently downloaded firefox as am a loyal firefox user, and after about 10 minutes of using it a message came up saying how firefox is not compatible with windows ultimate, and the laptop goes into vista basic mode which ofcourse is not as good! and it only returns to ultimate when i close firefox!!!

is this a bug or do windows just want you to use internet explorer???

has anyonne else noticed this?

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Have almost the same problem on vista home deluxe. FF keeps shutting down.Newest version installed, uninstalled and reinstalled 4 times. Still shuts down.
Avg says I have no bugs or viruses, driving me crazy too.


wow, i have windows vista home premium and mozila firefos latest version with around 10 or more add-ons and it runs perfect for me. (except vista disabled all the add-ons, dont need them anyway, all else is perfect)

here is what i did.

right click on firefox and click "properties" than go to "compatibility" tab, than check the box next to "Run this program in compatibily mode for:" than below in the drop down box click the windows that you want. i selected windows xp (service pack 2)

and mine works perfect. but everytime i try to use internet explore, its slower than firefox.

try it, might work


ive found out what the problem is... well sort of!

it only does this when i am streaming Divx Media!!!

so im back to using good old firefox! :)


I tried all that and still no luck. I uninstalled FF and installed seamonkey. So far, no issues.


yeah tparsenault had a different problem than me

but im glad that your not having problems with seamonkey

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