Has anybody good ideas how to burn few files to cd/dvd to back up stuff, and this would be done just by clicking one shortcut in the desktop.

To make things little more complicated this should be done with software provided by installation on XP pro. So no new third party programs is preferred solution.

I gues that i should use ntbackuptool to save the stuff to a file. Possibly define the foleder with these files as a virtual drive/directory [is it possible with standard tools provided by XP (or microsoft application provided by them, like steady state for protecting the computer for stupid/irritating public users)]

The i should probably create a shortcut to windows based burning software and give as attributes the files (virtual drive/folder) and let the copmputer burn the files. The problem is that I have rather limited experience with xp, with linux this would be rather simple thing to do. But this time i should be able to do it in XP environment, so any help would be appreciated. (and hopefully no need to install new 3rd party software to the computer)

why not to add the files using "Send to" option on contextual menu (right button), then you could access to your dvd from "My PC" then click on "Write these files to CD"... There are not many clicks