I recently subscribed dsl for my lap top which i had to get a pci card to work wireless.
Than i got a blood hound virus which i got rid of by an antivirus, then i found that my computer had several trojan viruses which as per the anti virus were deleted. I had windows 2002 which i than replaced with xp.
Now it seems like most of my soft wares are not working even my cd rewritable. I can use dsl but its so slow,

How should i fix this problem'
should i reformat and how
does it needs de warming again?

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I had windows 2002 which i than replaced with xp.

Windows 2002?? There is no such beast. Did you mean Win 2000?

Before I suggest any fixes, please tell us if the move to XP a full, fresh installation of XP, or if it just an upgrade to your Win 2000 installation.

i actually just upgraded the windows 2002 by xp.
I think i may have to reformat the computer with back up files?

* You keep saying "Windows 2002". There is no such thing as Windows "2002"; it would be Windows 2000.

* Upgrading the operating system on a problematic or virus-infected system is definitely not recommended; the existing problems often only get worse, as it seems you've found out.

If reformatting isn't too much of a hassle, and if you have a full version of Windows XP, installing XP from scratch is probably a good idea. Be aware that if your XP installation disk is only an "upgrade" version, this will not work. Also be aware that you will have to reinstall and reconfigure all of your programs, so you'll need to be sure you have the installaiton disks for those as well.

* If reformatting isn't the best option, you'll really need to give us a lot more detailed information on the problems you're having in order for us to try to help you fix them. Remember that we're not sitting in front of your computer; we can't see what's going wrong, and just telling us "most of my soft wares are not working" doesn't give us enough information to tell you where to start with any repairs.

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