There was no topic to put this but i have got windows media center 2005 and i cant upgrade to windows media player 11

is there any way to get round this

it says incompatible version

Thank You


I like WMP11 personally, there isn't much difference between them. As long as they play the music/CD's/DVD's in a good quality, that is about all you need. I wouldn't get iTunes/Quicktime player, i find it has slightly worse sounds and video quality compared to WMP. But that's just my opinion.

Ok cheers

I have updated windows so it is up to date?
Is That ok

Ddi you follow the instructions on the link i gave you?

To check your updates, I think they are in the add/remove panel (from control panel) near the bottom there should be a long list of updates. Not sure if this applies to 05 versions of media centre.

myne isnt a lagit copy of windows tho so what should i do

Get a legitimate one.

There is no points becasue when my new drivers come out i will bu vista this is only for a couple of months

A legitimate one this time?

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Get a legit copy. Piracy is bad

uh, I didn't say that. what the hell.

I asked: I legitimate copy of vista?