When I start my computer with the on button nothing happen. It does power up because I get a light on but it does not boot. If I push the reset button 4-5 times it will finally boot.
When it does boot, the screen says that the system has failed to boot several time and than it will load default bios.
When the system is running it seems fine except once in a while it will shut down completly and try to restart for no reason.
I have tried Adware, Search-Destroy, C-cleaner, It is not a viris.
I have also gone into bios to try and load default bios, but nothing happens.
System is Windows 98se, mother board is a Asrock K7S41GX(if that matter)

Thank You

You have dead CMOS battery. It is a removable coin-shaped lithium battery beneath the PCI slots.

Yes, its on the motherboard and looks like one of those round watch batteries. There silver and fairly cheap and easy to replace. Remember to follow anti-static precautions, get the correct battery (consult motherboard manual) and put it in the correct way or you could kill your PC.

try what chaky and jbennet had said, if it doesn't work check your memory and try to clean the gold fingers before putting it back to the mobo..