Hi, and thank you for your time. I just recieved my computer through UPS service. It was sent to me after I relocated. I don't think that is what is causing the freeze because my computer worked for the last day and a half since I have set it up. Here is what happens

When i got my cpu I uninstalled many of the programs I dont use anymore. I ran a virus scan and spyware. I installed the game Oblivion. That is about all that I have changed. Today, after I left my computer idle, and it went into hibernation mode, I went to get back on and lo and behold, it was frozen. The desktop was still up, but I couldnt hit any keys or move the cursor with my mouse. I restarted my computer and it booted up fine. Until windows loaded and I was back at my desktop. Then if I tried to click on something, it would do the same thing. I tried restarting and letting it sit for a while, that didnt work. When I rebooted and didn't touch the mouse, the same thing happened.

I figured it might be overheating, so I pulled out the heat sink for my cpu, cleared off all the dust and whatnot, put some more goop on it, put everything back together. I started it up and it worked for about a minute. Then it froze again. The computer itself is still active. The fans are still going, lights are still on, I just can't do anything.

I checked the BIOS reading and my cpu temp was around 100 degrees. I dont think thats too high is it? And that is where I am at right now. Any help or ideas you could give me would be great.

Thank you

Most modern computers will usually shut down completely when the cpu overheats. although this may not always be the case. What you can try is take the side off your computer case and point a desk fan inside. Then run your computer and if it doesn't freeze up then over heating is your problem, if it does continue to freeze then you have at least elimanated one thing.

It seems from what you have written that this problem didn't start untill after you uninstalled software. Its possible in doing so that you may have unintentionally removed or damaged certain files your system was relying on. If that is the case the simplest solution would be to format your hard drive and re-install windows.