I have a HD with a clean install of a ligit copy of XP pro OEM. It works great in my dell desktop. I tried to run it in a different computer with an A Open AX34 motherboard. The problem is, just before windows starts, the computer reboots. I found this BIOS update on the AOpen site that says it "Fixes failure of reset before entering Windows OS" amongst other things. http://www.driverstock.com/AOpen-AX34-U-driver-download/29-36-7309-60767/index.html
Does anyone know if this is what I need to fix the problem? Also, how can I run the update file without running windows? I set the boot sequence to A drive first, put the update file on a floppy and tried to start with it but that didnt work... What can I do to run the file? Thanks for any help.

If you are "lucky" enough to have a copy of W2000 or W98 handy (as I have), you could try installing that from scratch and applying your BIOS upgrade then.

There is a better than 50/50 chance that this wheeze would work, putting your BIOS in a state of grace for XP.

A total pain, I know, but you're ina chicjken/egg situation and you need to break out of the egg before you hatch! Or something.