I recently had a hard-drive change because my old one was getting corrupted. Unfortunately enough, all my Favorites from Mozilla Firefox have disappeared. I've been able to retrieve the ones from IExplorer, but had stopped using that web browser some time ago, and instead have been saving everything on Mozilla for years now. Does Mozilla offer the same retrieval process for favorites as IExplorer does?? I still have my old hard-drive, so if anyone can tell me how to locate all my favorites from Mozilla, I can have my old hard-drive connected up again and get the list. ANY help is greatly appreciated; I feel like I have nowhere else to turn. Please HELP!!!!

You can find it in your application data folder. There should be a directory called Mozilla. In you profile, which will have its own directory, you will see a file called bookmarks.html. That's them.

I'm sorry, but where exactly do I go to retrieve my application data folder? I'm not even sure what it is exactly heh. I've also done a search for 'bookmarks.html' but the only thing that came up under 'bookmarks.html' said:


Get Bookmark Add-ons
Bookmarks Toolbar Folder

Add bookmarks to this folder to see them displayed on the Bookmarks Toolbar
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This seems like a short tutorial on how to bookmark favorites, but not my actual favorites list. I'm so stumped...