Im super noob at this stuff but id just like to know whats the simplest way to create a program or file which when i execute will run 2 different programs.
Say i want to run winamp and firefox, i just want a program that when i execute will run these 2 at once. See im too lazy to double click on file then the other :p its much cooler this way too.

Maybe you could create a .bat file which spawns the two programs one after the other?

ive tried it but i dont think im doing it right. And i think it only allows one executable open at a time.
If someone could help refine the coding it would be much appreciated

Heres the far:

@echo off
cd "c:\Program Files\WC3Banlist\"
cd "c:\Program Files\Warcraft III\"


Ah sweet got it working :D thanks very much!