I have heard things about windows vista being rubbish and buggy. But what is actually wrong with it?Can I go for it or is it better to opt for windows XP

Remember when XP came out none of our stuff from windows 98 would work and people couldnt get used to it and its (then) high requirements ?

Its the sane with vista.

1) quite a lot of software wont run on it
2) drivers for it are scarce
3) massive system requirements
4) the UI is a masive change from XP

Remember how XP didnt become good until SP2? Vista is going to be like that. Take my advice and dont get it until Vista SP1 comes out.

If you are getting a new PC, get vista (DO NOT ever buy home basic its crap)
If you are thinking of upgrading, wait for Vista SP1.

HMM think that’s not entirely true there is loads of software for it a few months ago there wasn’t true but nearly all every day software will run on vista if you have doubts look on the website for the different pieces of software.

Every device I use has a driver for vista and although some don’t the majority are in the beta development stage or are already released and most xp drivers will work on vista.

It does have big system requirements but so does xp if you want it to run fast, as long as you have a fairly meaty computer (over 1g ddr2 ram, over a 2.6ghz processor and at least 100g hdd) or a new comp you will be fine.

The gui is a massive change but its a massive improvement on xp its takes a while to get used to but you release vista has everything in the right place for easy access.

To be honest if you have xp I would upgrade xp is one of the most buggy o/s ever released where as vista is much more reliable and has helpful error messages and excellent support.

But this is just my view on the matter but I think I know a fair deal but at the end of the day its up to you if you cant decide why don't you do a dual boot machine then you can have both!

The way to tell if all the software you currently run on your xp machine will work on vista is to use the vista compatibility program on the Microsoft website.

I run vista ultimate and glad usin it. looks more profesional and the graffity is very nice.

I upgraded from WinXP to Vista myself and the first time I did vista gave me A LOT of issues and I was able to get back to WinXP. I waited a week and decided to give it another go and 3 to 4 hours later Vista was installed.
I highly recommend you back up anything you don't want to loose and give it a go. I have been using Vista for 3 months and LOVE IT!

just rember always install fresh never upgrade its a rubbish feature a clean install always works better is sad but true!

You cant clean install with vista upgrade anymore

Sorry for bumping this but i've been using XP Home and Pro for ages now (you could say so 4 years+) and didn't want to migrate to Vista. Now i'm on Dual Boot with XP and Vista and love the Vista UI and interface. Its faster than XP in some cases and slower for games, since the drivers are not that compatible. They will improve slowly and u c nowadays games are only Vista compatible like Halo 2 and DX10 will definitely boost Vista sales. I luv Vista.

Halo 2 is a stupid game

Why the hell do i need vista and a £££ graphics card to play it when it runs on my five year old xbox that i can pick up in the high street for £30

why do u leave your five year old xbox in the highstreet surely u shld leave it at hom!

He meant he can get halo 2 for 30 pounds in the highstreet.

no i mean i can buy a whole XBOX in a game shop in the highstreet for £30 preowned (HALO2 perowned is only like £3.99) as well

I can get a whole xbox + halo2 + 4 controllers for less than the price of vista upgrade (at least) to play halo on my pc which is why i think halo2 for pc is a waste of money