Hi all, I'm blundering about because I'm in a desperate hurry. I promise to read the rules and find my way about when I've got more time.

Meanwhile, I hope no-one minds that I'm re-posting this as a new thread. I posted it first as a reply to a thread a couple of years old; but thought few might read it there.

I'm getting message "Print spooler is not running" Can't add printer. Can't re-install printer. Did all the suggested solutions but can't even see Print Spooler on the Services list. Started RPC Locator as suggested somewhere. Nothing works! Ran "net start spooler" from CMD: "The service name is invalid"

My printer is Epson Stylus CX3600, but I also "print" to Acrobat Exchange. Neither appear. Nothing at all on my "Printers and other Hardware" in Control Panel. Used both for years without any problem 'till it suddenly stopped today. I did nothing fancy; just pasted some text from Hotmail message into Notepad for basic printing without icons and logos etc. Any help greatly appreciated? Tom

I am not able to print after installing office 2000 xp.

is there a folder inside Windows or windows32? if not then there should be! If there is look in it and see if it is empty .. It should be but there may be a gash file there that is blocking its use. remove it / them.
If there is no folder called spool .... create one!