my problem is certain softwares that till 1 day ago worked , have stopped working today . More specifically jetaudio wont start (it just brings out a preferences window that asks to confirm which skin for jet audio id like to use but doesnt show any skin at all then when i close it ,it just goes away without opening jetaudio). Also seamonkey (web browser) wont start any more (it shows the application as it starts and then without starting it up it just goes away!). Also upon my effort to install various stuff (like winamp or a macromedia flash player from adobe ) that i needed , which were all taken from the original sites, the same message comes out: NSIS error ( on the window border) and "error launching installer" (written in the message box)...what can be the reason of all this?
i have runned online kaspersky antivirus and it found nothing , adaware found some minor stuff that was deleted and the same was also with avg ..also no alert whatsoever from nod32
i run windows xp service pack 2 ..
( note : at first i tried to delete jetaudio and reinstall it with the result of not even being able to initialise the installation file-no error message simply the installer wont start at click. The same i did with jet audio which i after replaced with opera that was succesfully installed. After this i recovered the system back to one day ago (yesterday- before the deletion of jet audio and sea monkey) so now i have them again but they dont work...)
thanx for the help.

go to the last windows restore point before this crash and restore it.

go to the last windows restore point before this crash and restore it.

i did restore it this time to one week ago when all was ok, on reboot the problem is still there : seamonkey and jetaudio wont start and most of new stuff i try to install wont start installing .. iam now browsing on internet explorer 6 and trying to listen to music with windows media player 11 ..which although totally up to date and with all the codecs has an awfully distotred sound ...i tried to run other programs and they seem to be ok ...so the functionality of my pc seems to be somehow decreased but i can still more or less do what i want ...i run the 11 version of windows media player and the sound is really distorted , isnt there a way to make it better?

Sounds like the files are corrupt. Prehaps wipe out everything to do with those two programs and reinstall?

i dealed a lot with the two of them ..i re dl them and tryied to reinstall them ..same thing..so i simply deleted them and now i use windows media player and internet explrer 7 ...good old microsoft or whatever ...not so fancy but it does the job

May I suggest an audio player/editor?
I have been using GoldWave for a couple of years and it gives excellent quality playback.
It isn't like Windows Media Player where you can create playlists, but it is an overall good program and I am very fond of it.

thanx but i am pretty much sattisfied (for now) with media player...