Hey everybody...I'm really stumped on this one. My mother-in law is running an older Compaq with XP Home-SP2///////1.00Ghz AMD ATHLON PROCESSOR and 35GB HD including a NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 MODEL64/MODEL64 PRO vid card. The problem is a wallpaper cannot be applied or changed in any way.Also they browse button is greyed out and I cannot select any of the Microsoft supplied pics,or her own in the properties menu.Cannot apply in rightclick on an image in pics folder neither. Things I have tried.....
1. checked the c:/windows/web/wallpapers folder..images are there

2. made sure the options are unchecked for web page as wallpaper under the web tab in the display menu

3. tried a band-aid fix by installing a wallpaper changing utility

4. made sure the most current drivers were installed for the NVIDIA card

5. Norton and AdAware scans

in that order...still no luck!
Am I missing something? I really doubt it has to do with drivers but had to try it.
It is really annoying, seeing as I have tried all the options I heard of to no avail.
After reading a few posts/replies on this site, I realized that there seems to be some very
educated and practical answers from people who know exactly what they're doing.
I come to you as a last resort because I enjoy the challenge of doing/fixing PC related things myself before asking for help, but like I said before "THIS ONE HAS GOT ME STUMPED!"
Any help will be greatly appreciated....and thank all in advance.

are u any good with the registry?????

Yeah thanx Bobbyraw....I found that a virus she previously removed left behind a registry entry named WALLPAPER...made a backup and deleted it...viola! Didn't even have to reboot!
Sounds like you would've pointed me in the right direction...thanks.