Hello daniweb
Im new to your site and am desperatly in need of help.

I was having problems with files getting deleted by other users and I wanted to block access and my mate said he could do something in permissions and sort it out so it wont happen anymore.

He took my windows xp pro and said he was taking ownership of every file on the pc. He did it in safe mode?

Anyway When I rebooted the pc. it started to load windows and said autochk file missing or something like that and the pc restarted. It was a blue screen.

I tried a few times and kept having the same problem so I put in my xp disk to try and run a repair.

I tried the recovery console first and it was asking me for a password. I never had a password on my pc so I just tried pressing enter. Then guessed at everything I could think of. At 3 attempts per time it was driving me mad so I decided to go for a repair.

I tried a repair and it kept saying it was unable to write the files??? Ended up pressing skip on every file all the way to the end.

Well now the pc doesnt even attempt to boot windows just says files are missing and I have no joy at all because the repair attempt was not a success.

I tried adding another drive to the pc running xp home edition. It shows the drive with pro as RAW and says access denied when I try to open. I ran chkdsk in dos on home edition and it scanned pro and the partition and recognised the space used but still in properties for the drive it shows no info for space used unused etc and classess it as RAW. I figure this is because there is no access allowed to files that I cant read write or overwrite them?

Anyway I have lots of files I really did not want to lose but I have very little confidence in a way to repair this. If anyone has come accross this before and know of a way to retrieve my files please take the time to let me know.

If I was to format the drive and re-install would it even delete the files without having any access to them?

Thanks in advance


ok a few things here, why not go back in safe mode and udo all trhe security policies that were set apparently there were not done properly. next the second drive you put in would not work, one it's config with diff hardware you would get a bunch of errors if you try to boot from the disk unless the computer are identical. and yes if you format the drive that had the restrictions you will loose all the files on it. event the restricted files.(restrictions only work inside the operating system) do a reinstall without wiping the disk this should remove the restrictions and keep your present softwares intact. as for the RAW drive you can use windows xp disk manager to format the drive if u are able to boot with another drive and the RAW drives is een by the BIOS.

I do not have access to the drive in safe mode. I seem to be locked out completely.

The whole of the c: drive and d: drive on xp pro seem to have access denied.

I can not run a repair because it wont allow xp to overwrite the files because they are locked in permissions and I can not access thru another drive because it detects the drive is there and the partition but shows up as RAW in file type and I can not gain access. Every attempt I have made it says the same thing access denied.

After trying to run repair fromxp disk at boot it gets to every file and says can not write file and I have to skip it.

Now I have the problem that because repair could not run the drive is waiting for another setup to take place but I can not overwrite the system files.

I have been told that all the permissions was deleted from xp pro apart from my user login ID. This was set as owner to c: and d: and all other permissions removed from list?
system restore did not create a restore point because the drive was full?

I dont think the system has the rights to access the files so windows can not start to get to the point where my user name becomes logged in and I can gain access.

I am guessing this is a very special case of wrong permission settings???

I am not very computer friendly but so far everything I have read up on and tried or all advice I have been given seems to not be an option or does not work?

Hopefully this will help you understand my problem better.


I have been told that all the permissions was deleted from xp pro apart from my user login ID. This was set as owner to c: and d: and all other permissions removed from list?

Bad. The "SYSTEM" account must have access to everything or else windows wont work properley