hello to all.

i just got infected by n.downloader virus which was successfully cleaned by my mcafee.
the problem is it deletes many windows progs such as cmd.exe, helpctr.exe, paint, wordpad...

Mcafee deleted those programs because it was infected by virus....

My question is how can I recover or can i just copy that progs from other working computer?


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When I fixed my daughter's laptop, nothing short of a full software rebuild (preceded by Format) could get back to a working state.

It didn't take me long to work out that I could spend the rest of my life trying by any other means.


i dont want to format my hd.
is there other way aside from formatting.


if u dont have the cd get a copy from some one and extract each file to their respective directories.
NB u can also copy them if u can opn the cab file that each file is in.


i am going to assume you are runing some variant of windows. if u have the cd you can extract those programs back to there original directories here follow these instruction to get this done

Problem with this is that if the Trojan messed with the Registry, you can load stuff back to the HDD till the cows come home and it still won't work.

Likje I said, this is one of those cases where you might need to cut your losses if a couple of tries at "quicker" fixes fail.

Nobody wants to format their HDD; but how sure are you that the Trojan really is removed? A Format deals with this. There should be no problem getting your files off the HDD if yoy still have WIndows Explorer functionality. If not, then putting the HDD into a USB enclosure and attaching it to another PC will enable you to get your data files off.

Anyway, good luck. Like I said, I had this problem and I fixed this problem. Not mucjh more I can add.

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