I have recently re-installed Windows 2000 Pro, SP4, and am having several issues.

In Windows Explorer, I like the split screen with the folders tree on the left. For some reason, Windows Explorer ignores my folders selection to remember each folder's view; it will not remember to open the folder view with the Folder Tree open on the left of the view.

Each time I open Windows Explorer I must go through the View:Explorer Bar:Folders routine.

Have you seen or experienced this problem? Do you have a cure or troubleshooting suggestion?

Also, are there any other Win2K users who feel that their systems are experiencing new problems and difficulties after downloading and installing updates from Microsoft?



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Since you've posted two not dissimilar problems, I'd suspect a virus or trojan that has altered your registry to restrict what you can do.

The Spyware section of this forum will advise what to download (like AVG Anti-Spyware) to detect what the cause could be.

best I can suggest on the info you've provided.

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