Help, This morning, my husband called out-"Hey, have you ever seen this?"
I looked on the monitor and 1/2 of the screen to the left was blacked out (some vertical lines similar to when you do a disk defrag appeared). I quickly shut down and tried to restart, but to no avail--cannot see 1/2 of the screen. The other half looks normal.
Any ideas?
Lisa P :

I think it's your monitor problem. Not your OS.

It could be anything from a corrupt video driver to a hardware problem with the video card or the monitor itself. If you can, try switching monitors with another computer; that will at least tell you if the problem lies with the monitor or within the computer.

Also- to try to eliminate the possibility of a corrupt video driver, see if the monitor exhibits the same problem when you boot your computer into Safe Mode. To get into safe mode, hit the F8 just as the computere boots up (just as or before you see the Windows startup message).

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