Alright, well i'm not sure if you've seen my last complaint, but i just got through that and it seems to work relativly alright. The solution can be found here, "http://forums.driverguide.com/showthread.php?t=3788".
Well after i did all that i started up my computer and the only User i could sign on was Administrator. Before i had the problem i just signed on my original "kyle". Now when i get into administrator it is basically like creating a new user and going into that and thats it. I can still access all of my other files through c drive then documents and settings then kyle. But the account kyle is no longer there. The files are still there though. Is there any way to recover my old account and just delete this new admin account they gave me.
please helpp
Summary: I need to get my old account back after it was deleted and replaced with "administrator".

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You cannot get back your old account, rather create a new account with same name and give it admin privilege.


ithelp is on the right lines I'd say. Looking at your referenced thread, it seams that your overwriting back of missing/corrupt files might have put your system back into a default account state. I didn't check that deeply.

Incidentally your Registry might still contain a Kyle reference that doesn't match whatever you restored.

Anyway, setting up your account again sounds like a sensible next step.


during transfering over my files into the new kyle i came upon "cannot copy index: the requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open." i'm pretty sure that was under cookies with 62 minutes left in the transfer. is it alright to jsut delete everythign in cookies.

i think the file the error message came with was index.dat


yes - you won't need anything in cookies. You can use the Delete function in Options to delete cookies.

If the cookie concerned doesn't delete, do let us know what it is called or do a spyware check on it.


alright i deleted it and now its continuing the transfer. i'll tell you if it worked once its done

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