i need 2 change a .doc file into gif format without puttin .gif at the end plz help urgent thx :icon_question:

What are you trying to accomplish with this?

what do you mean? .doc is a microsoft word document and .gif is an image file, right?

A M$ .doc is just code - ascii text plus formatting code for colours, shapes, arrangement; a .gif is a coded image map of pixels, the code may contain instructions for presenting multiple images [if they exist] embedded in the .gif file, and the two are way different. You will need some software. Take a screenshot of your doc with printscreen or a specialised screenshot reader such as ABBYY's, save the image as a .jpg, then use a software such as Adobe ImageReady or Ulead GIF Animator to convert and save as .gif.
Then rename without the extension.
It works.... I just tested it.

If thats what is needed, couldn't you just screenshot the document and then paste it into MS Paint and then Save the file as a .gif image

Yes!...which is the process I pointed out.. diffren n better s'wares is all...
And until you mentioned it, I had never ever opened M$ Paint. Dunno whether to thank you or not...:)

sorry should of said i just need it as .gif encoding not the words in the .gif