I am having trouble getting Windows XP Home (with SP1) to update on a clients computer. It isn't displaying any signficant error messages but there is definately something not right with it.

* Windows Update downloads but doesnt install. (update.inf error message - cryptographic services)
* Reinstallation doesnt work. (tabsvr returned error 1060 (424) )
* System Restore doesnt work.

I have tried:

* re-registering cryptographic service .dll's
* copying microsoft certificates from other working pc's
* removing all adware, spyware, virus etc
* removing IE and reinstalling it.
* Winsock fix
* removed antivirus
* reseting windows, i386 and documents&settings permissions from ERD commander

I am currently restoring a ghost image which dates back 2 months and will try to use system restore from that image.

The only thing that I can think of which I havent tried is a system file check. But am leaving that to last as it will prolly take a couple of hours.

Does anyone have any ideas? I would prefer to fix the problem rather than doing a format and fresh install.

Kind Regards,

Have you tried the system repair option. I am pretty sure it is one of the options on the install disk. It will keep all the files on the computer there, probably would still back everything up though. And you may just have to have your client reinstall some of their applications they had, b/c sometimes they don't work after a system repair.