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If you are unable to use 'Search' Function properly then disable the Advanced options of it. And also tell the name of program which will be blocked by DEP (Data Execution Prevention).


As stated it only froze when using the advanced search portion of the search program and the Program blocked by DEP was Dr. Watson. On the Windows task manager there usually was listed more than 1 Dr. Waston running, some with 0 memory usage and 1 that was using memory. If the Dr. Watson was closed that was using memory, then the computer unfroze. For whatever reason, after looking at different forums, there did seem to be a link with right clicking windows explorer and there was a link to nvidia shell extensions causing some problems very similar. I got a program that displayed shell extenions, and disabled some nvidia shell extensions and the program no longer locks up.


Good..hope your problem has been solved. If till DEP blocks Windows services then you can unblock it through Systems Advanced settings.

To go to DEP section follow this steps:

Right click on My Computer > Properties > Advanced under Performance category select Settings and check for Data Execution Prevention tab, here select Manual Configuration and block or unblock Windows Services.

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