Hey guys...

Im kinda going through a lot of computer problems at once.. Basically, My original tower stopped working so I decided to take out my sisters old computer and use hers instead since its practically the same. the problem is : is that she cant remember the password to get into her old account and she has no option for signing in as guest.

I really need to get in and possibly wipe out the hard drive... is there anyway at all I can do log in? or maybe just wipe out the harddrive without signing in??

Thanks in advance...

yeah u can wipe the hdd if u have a bootable xp cd, there are utility that u can use to get the account passwords but u would need internet to get them.

I have access to my computer upstairs is there a way i can get the utilities from this computer and get them for that computer?

u can use a program name ophcrack
download here
http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net/ then burn to a cd, set computer to boot from cd drive it will do the rest and reveil the password for all accouns on the pc

And how can I set that computer to boot from CD Drive?

Thanks again for your help.

You might not ned to wipe

As soon as the PC starts up start hammering away at the F8 key. You will get to a text menu, Choose safemode. A load of stuff will flow down the screen, the system will be slow and look like crap, but its okay. Eventually you will get to the welcome screen. There will be an account there which you cant usually see called Administrator. It should have no password. Log in as it and then use control panel to delete the forgotten password