Am using XP MCE Home 2005 (service pack 2 updated)

Browsing is really slow all of a sudden. Everything else works fine.

Have done speedtests. Getting normal results. Also downloading through http, ftp and through P2P software is at max speed.

Only webpages take about 5-10 times as long to load as they usually would.

Have tried Downloading FireFox. Same problem (was using IE6)

All this is making me believe that it is some setting in XP that is causing this.

I have tried resetting and upgrading firmware in router (SMC7204BRA)
Also tried to do a malwaresweep (only minor adware was found and deleted). Looked at all settings that I know of in XP (not that many unfortunatly) found everything to be fine.

Is there some guide to troubleshot XP on this kind of problem?

I have tried searching for one on google but have found none so far

Will post HighJack this log even though I doubt anything is in there since computer is running perfect exept from this REALLY ANNOYING PROBLEM.

HighJack This Log

Any help on this matter would be greatly appriciated



Feel free to delete this thread :)

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