Hey guys, I'm new here. A few weeks ago I purchased a video card from ebay...nVidia Geforce FX5500 AGP/8x. Installing the card into my system was tough but I got through to making it work. I got to install the driver with the cd it came with, and I even got to use the nVidia control panel and everything.

But when I tried to play any of my games, the computer would freeze or restart when I start it up. I tried all of my games (5 games) so i doubt its the games and most of them r compatible with FX series.

Right now I'm not using the card just the integrated card that came with the computer, which doesn't work with 3/5 of my games. But I really wan't to use this card, because I already bought another card earlier that was for PCI-E which I don't have so I wasted $50 on that, and I spent $45 on this 1. So can any of you guys help me? I'm really lost and desperate right now.

Btw...my computer is an HP Pavilion a420n, Windows XP SP2.

hmmm...I don't think it's used, it would have said that somewhere when I bought it.

And I already downloaded the latest driver when I was using the card.


It might seem really simple but do you have enough RAM on your PC to support the additional video card as these cards do require a lot of memory to work on graphics for the games. It may be the reason that you may not have enough memory to support this card. in that case you might have to dish out a bit more to get extra ram for ur pc mate.

Good luck