I have ASUS a7n8x motherboard initially with 2500 xp chip. Upgraded to 3200 cpu and flashed new bios. The computer runs fine except locking up rarely. Every thing else is identical. Also it will not warm boot. The bios sees the SATA drives, but it will not boot. If I turn the machine off with the power button, the computer will boot and run normally. If I go through windows start---turn off----restart ie a warm boot the computer starts and will go right up to load windows and can not fing the hard drives, but they are seen in th bios boot up screen. If I then turn off the computer with the on/off swith it boots up fine. Any idea? I talked to tech support as ASUS and they wanted to blame the SATA hard disk but I know that is not it. Any ideas?

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The difference seems to be that the cold boot loads the SATA drivers and the warm boot does not.
What is the boot order in your BIOS?


Boot order
cd ROM

The hard disk is defined in bios set up as SATA/SCSI


How would this work with SATA drives and how would you do this?

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