Since yesterday I have been having problems with my computer. It has Windows XP 2002 Home Edition SP2. Since my computer has a lot of programs and stuff that I won't use I wanted to erase it with my original CD from WinXP 2002 Home Edition but what happens is that I got this computer to a repair center and apparently they instaled a WinXP with a CD that is not the one I have and when I try to use mine it tells me that the computer WinXP is more advanced than the one that my CD has. The CD says that if I still want to do so all I have to do is boot from the CD. I did this but it did not work and now my computer is giving me problems. My start menu appears in blank, my desktop icons are gone, when I enter the Display Properties the theme that apparently is working is the Modified Theme, I cannot see images in my desktop, all I can see is a plain blue background, and everytime that I make changes and I restart my computer everything goes back to the blue background again.

I am starting to think that something happened with the windows policies and locked up my computer or something. What or How can I do so I could unlock it? Do I have to look up for or buy another WinXP Home Edition CD from another year (2003 or up) so I could install it? Is there something I can do so I could fix this?

All the help you can give me will be appreciated! Thank You!


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Go back to that repair store, tell them that they loaded your pc from an XP CD that is more up-to-date than yours, and reasonably demand that they burn you a copy of the CD they used. For no charge, or pretty much just the cost of a CD blank. Then you can use it to do a Windows Repair [via Setup, not Recovery console]


I got a profesional to work with my computer and what it had was a virus.. Apparently this was obtructing the vision to some programs and the desktop. Anyways thank you gerbil for your help.

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