hey all, i gotta record a assignment to a disc and wondering about the best sorftware for voice recording! my definition of best is probably just clarity & ability to add effects. What should i use, the windows 1 kinda suks :cheesy:


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I for one just use the sounder recorder which comes standard with Windows, It
creates a respectable .wav file and you can alter the quality and format settings within the windows recoder after you record to various formats by doing a format conversion of the recorded file - at least I have been able to do so with the one loaded with XP.

Audacity is also pretty handy http://audacity.sourceforge.net/windows.php

A friend gave me a working full featured edition of LP Recorder and I've used it for a few years ... but you do have to buy the program to use all the best features ...


Yes, I agree, using windows for recording is a waste of time! There are a number of sufficient software on the market, and freeware as well. I use MP3 Recorder Studio. I use it for recording on-line conferences, the records sound very professionally.

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