Dear all,

I've trouble when try to connect a printer on win2k from win98. The win98 pc not same subnet with win2k pc, but from win98 i can ping win2k. what should i do to connect share printer on win2k from win98. please help

#1 make sure you have the exact same user name and password for the win98 machine on the win2k machine (win2k allows you to logon as diffrent users)

#2 make sure win98 is in the same domain or workgroup as the win2k server

#3 give the printer a share name!!!

Duy, do you know how to do this?

thnks for your suggest guys.
1. The win98 pc have the same domain with win2k but not the same subnet
2. I don't think the use the same user name on both win98 and win2k. The printer already share to everyone.
3. Of course give a sharename to printer.

Any others suggests


Check Local groups and users again and the networking config. I can't think of anything else srry..

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