plz plz plz plz help me someone.

Well ive just reinstalled windows xp on my desktop, and deleted everything else that was on there, anyway i started comp up like it said and followed instructions i regestered my windows with microsoft and now here it goes.

It was not picking up my ethernet card so i managed to find a site in google to get it from i downloaded it and now that is working fine. i go to listen to a cd that i had just put in my computer only to find that my sound is not working :'( it comes up with a message saying NO ACTIVE MIXER DEVICES ummm im not blonde but what does this mean i have researched through google and some other places and typed in those words as key words and tried to everything that has beemn suggested but still to no avail I still cannot get it to work i have downloaded another sound card driver but not work i have run misconfig didnt work run sevicesmsc it said it was started and no i have no options left please someone could you help me so i dont lose anymore hair lol i have 3 boys who are 9 and under and they make me go grey which i think is bad enough lol

You have to check in systems >hardware tab> device manager> look for a group name other devices with a yellow ? sign, these are item that need drivers to be installed. look if u have one name audio