I installed lock folder XP on my D drive and i did the most stupidiest thing in my life.. i set lock folder XP to protect my D Drive! Now i can't access to lock folder XP to unlock my D drive, all because Lock folder XP is install in my D drive!!!

Lock folder XP - http://everstrike.com/

Can someone save me!! I got alot of important files in my D drive!! arghhhhhhhhhhh..........


Contact Everstrike via their Support section:


and lodge a request for assistance. You'll need to provide your order number or license key, and if you describe your problem as you have here, I'm sure they'd help.

I'm sorry that suggestion isn't of direct assistance to you, but I'm afraid that the people at Everstrike themselves would best know what procedures have been used to lock up those files, and it's them who should be advising you. They claim that the files themselves have not been altered, and that those files cannot be 'lost', so a request for assistance should be successful if their claims are indeed correct.