According to reports the general manager of Internet security with IBM has warned that "the security business has no future."

Speaking at the RSA conference in San Francisco, IT Pro says, Val Rahmani warned that the enterprise must fundamentally change security strategies if it is to have any success within the context of sustaining business.

It seems that IBM might have become tired of trying to keep on top of the latest security threats, the never ending cycle of success and failure that we are all too well aware of within the remit of attempting to fight the latest malware threats. Rahmani referred to this as an obsession with "fighting worms, trojans, viruses, insiders, outsiders, criminals, Martians. It's a futile pursuit" and is quoted as going on to add that "We keep rolling that boulder up the hill, and just when we think we've got there, along comes a new threat and we are starting all over again."

The answer to the problem would appear to be, at least according to IBM which just so happened to have acquired a dozen security companies during the last year alone, to focus on business sustainability instead.

Of course, business sustainability is really just security by another name. So that's OK then, and means that IBM can still spend the $1.5 billion that it has pledged this year on, err, security...

Someone has to do it. Due to the experiences in my life, I have pledged myself to go into the cyber-security field. "Internet security has no future" I argue that. I would say it's the only future as technology grows more and more as the major influence on the world.