Hi all,

I've got a problem that hopefully has an easy solution - but I'm a DNS noob :-)

- We're running a Windows Server 2003/Active Directory domain with the suffix marymead.org.au

- Our website is www.marymead.org.au. The website is hosted by an ISP at another location to us.

- Users can access internet, email etc. fine

- Users outside of our domain can access the website fine

The problem is, that users aren't able to access our website from within our domain. I think this is because the Windows DNS server is looking for www.marymead.org.au locally and returning a "Server Not Found" page in the browser.

How would I go about fixing this? Do I need to create a DNS forwarder or a DNS record of some kind...?

Detailed instructions or redirection to detailed instructions would be appreciated if possible...

Thanks in advance,

- Marymead IT

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Create a new A record (www) and give it the IP of the webserver, and create a pointer record and it should resolve fine. You might have to force a dns flush on the clients to see f it works right away.

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Hit the nail on the head

yeah, TheOgre is totally right. I had the same problem a couple of years ago and it was readily resolved in the same fashion. only problem being - internal users could not resolve the website unless they actually typed "www."

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Useful additional info - thanks.
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