Hello all,
I am in a corporate environment and hoping that I am in the correct Forum. Our file server is running very low on space. We are at approximatly 10GB and dropping. Before the executives approve us buying a new server they want us to look into utilizing the unused disk space on the client workstations. They are suggesting to partition the hard drives and use their disk space for storage area and to add these locations to the backup so that they are backed up on a nightly basis.

To me this does not make any sense. The client will need to be on in order to back up the data. This will increase network traffic. Most of all you will not know where to find anything.

If there is anyone who is able to provide their oppinion it would be appreciated.


there is a service in windows called DFS, that basically allows for you to utilize those hard drives.
but it is a VERY wrong solution.

what you need to do is
1. calculate the space you need
2. find out how much the company can spend on a new storage solution
3. post it here.

My company, about two years ago ran into the same situation, since we were short on finance, I had to implement an opensource NAS solution. But if the company can afford proper hardware, you should go with DAS arrays or even iSCSI storage. If the company is very rich (and needs a really fast and serious storage solution) you should look into SAN solutions, the leaders there being EMC and NetApp.