I've recently moved and as such needed to setup my internet again. I plugged the router into telephone dsl cable and connected to my laptop via lan cable.

Connected via lan cable to router config page - fine
Internet connection through router - fine
Configured wirless - fine
connected my PDA to the wirless network and got internet - fine

I then decided to disconnect the lan cable and use the wirless network device on my laptop to connect to the router so that i can roam free around the house. This is where the problems started. I can connect to the router fine (windows vista netwwork page shows the map of my laptop connecting to the netowrk but not to the internet) , however I cant use the internet wirelessly!?! The pda still works fine without the laptop connected to router via lan cable and If I plug the lan cable back in the laptop, it picks up the internet fine.

The laptop is running Vista
The pda is using mobile 4
The internet is ppoa
I have tried this with and without wirless security to same difference.

Please help me Im going insane!

thanks for effort but that still didn't help...

Also to note my nintendo WII operates fine wirelessly with or without the LAN in the laptop, so IT MUST be a vista thing but what!??!

any more ideas?